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1810-1910-2010. Independencias dependientes

Henrik Karge (Ed.), Bruno Klein (Ed.)

Editado por: Iberoamericana Editorial Vervuert

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For the first time, the Bicentenario -Latin America’s two hundred years of sovereignty ceremony- takes center stage in history of art’s interest. The present publication offers a widely spread spectrum on various topics. After the first Declarations of Independence in 1810, former viceroyalties and colonies declared themselves as sovereign states. However, the construction of national identities has to be considered an indefinite process that still lingers on nowadays. These newly formed Latin American states often tended to gear to European examples while at the same time, their idea of national identity focused on reintroducing their indigenous heritage, deriving from the "old" cultures of America.

ISBN: 9788484898900

Fecha Edición: 01-Qun-2016

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